Moero Chronicle, Compile Heart‘s sequel to Monster Monpiece, has sold out in some retailers with the game’s developers scrambling to release a new shipment on May 21st.

Launching last week, Moero Chronicle has shipped over 50,000 units in Japan. Monster Monpiece also sold out in it’s first week with 27,000 units shipped. The Monster series is shaping up to be another successful series for Compile Heart, who also make the Neptunia series.

There is no Western release date as of yet for Moero Chronicle, although Idea Factory has said that they do wish to bring the game to Western shores. Monster Monpiece is due for release in North America on May 27th, with the European release recently delayed.

  • nonscpo

    Moero Chronicle looks like a promising title, assuming you’r into dungeon crawlers.

  • Lester Paredes

    Good for them. Not sure if these are my kind of game though.