Idea Factory has announced that card-game Monster Monpiece‘s European release is to be delayed by one week.

Originally due to release in Europe on May 28th, the digital-only title, Monster Monpiece will now launch on June 4th. The reasoning for this delay is to allow for the game to be made available in Russia, Germany and Switzerland. Before this delay Monster Monpiece was not due to release in these regions.

For those readers in North America, Monster Monpiece will still release as scheduled on May 27th.

  • nonscpo

    I know its a terrible thing to ask, but is it even worth it, for Idea Factory International to still release this game? With all the controversy the game generated, its safe to say that most people who intended to buy it are gonna boycott it instead; also anybody else who may have been interested in the game, might now skip out on it due to its controversial nature.

    P.S. Out if curiosity is anybody here going to review the game?