V Jump scanOur favourite foreign gaming news website, Siliconera has shown off a magazine scan which features characters in the upcoming new Digimon title, Cyber Sleuth.

The new game, which features switching from digital and real worlds is set for release in Japan in 2015 and Siliconera had a scan from V-Jump magazine, featuring the main female character.

You will apparently have the choice of a male or female protagonist, and explains a little about other characters – one of which is a skilled hacker, which may come in useful in the game.

Other details are a little thin on the ground. The next issue of V Jump will have more news, apparently.

We also don’t have any news on a western release, so a petition has been set up on change.org by Operation Cybersleuth and at the time of writing has already gained 1340 signatures.

Are you Digimon fans? Have you signed the petition?

  • Op. Cyber Sleuth

    Thanks for the mention! Every little bit helps!

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, Digimon. Come back to me soon.Watching reruns on Netflix just isn’t enough anymore.

  • nonscpo

    Watched the show years ago, dont know what happened after the third show. I dont think Ive ever played a Digimon game, as I understand it there like RPG’s right?