Romantic comedy manga series Nisekoi is getting its own Vita game, and we’ve got the teaser site to prove it.

Once a manga, now an upcoming PlayStation Vita title in Japan – and in just under 59 days and 7 hours (as of this writing), we’ll know even more.

Here’s what we do know;

  • The paper on the top (in the teaser image above) says “Nisekoi Vita main scenario (Chitoge route) 1/3″, leading us to believe that the characters will have multiple routes (or parts to their route) in the game.
  • While it’s not set it stone, we’re hearing a Fall release for the title.
  • Likely a visual novel.

While that’s not much to go on at this point, it’s better than nothing – and we’ve got less two months to wait for more. Keep an eye on TVL for more on Nisekoi as it develops.