Leaked by Japanese retailer HMV earlier this week, 5pb has now confirmed that Chaos;Head Dual will be coming to PlayStation Vita.

Chaos;Head Dual will bundle Chaos;Head Noah, Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu and a sexy patch modifier together for a total of 5,800 yen.

For 7,800 yen you can pick up the Limited Edition, which adds the Official Movie Works (high resolution trailers and the opening movie on Blu-Ray) and the Official Design Book (an art book featuring illustrations from Yukihiro Matsuo and character designs from Mutsumi Sasaki).

Chaos;Head Dual is due to release in Japan on August 21st. For all the news surrounding this release be sure to check The Vita Lounge regularly.

  • nonscpo

    We really need to get more and more of these visual novels over here to the west. Would love it if they offered us special eddition boxsets too, but those 70-90 dollar/euro/pounds price ranges for those premium boxes are expensive (by western standards).