In Lost Dimension, a role-playing game from developer Lancarse, there is a possibility that the world could be destroyed in 13 days unless evildoer The End can be stopped.

The End proclaims war against those with abilities. A secret military agency of these ability users called S.E.A.L.E.D. quickly forms as a countermeasure to stop The End. Famitsu this week introduced us to two members of S.E.A.L.E.D.

The first of the two members we are introduced to is Touya Olbert. Touya’s ability is that he can freely control electricity as well as having magnetic powers. Touya Olbert’s grandfather was a famous figure of an underground society that influences the world’s business and politics. This influence led to Touya receiving an elite education from a young age.

The second member of S.E.A.L.E.D. that we meet is Himeno Akatsuki, who boasts combustive abilities. Counter these hot powers is Himeno’s cool personality, rarely reacting to things that happen around her. Himeno Akatsuki often says that she has no interest in saving the world!

As well as meeting these two members of S.E.A.L.E.D., we also get a glimpse inside the mysterious monument known as ‘The Pillar’. The giant pillar appeared alongside The End, and features multiple areas split into different layers. For example, the first part is a part of a ruin in New York City. The second is called ‘Memories of the Genesis’.


Lost Dimension is set to release in Japan on August 7th. With no news yet on a Western localisation, be sure to check The Vita Lounge for all the news regarding Lost Dimension as it happens.

  • Yuuki

    i really hope they announce a west release for that gem.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      Or a Region-free Edition. I don’t care about importing it, as long as I can play with the latest updates and DLC. Oh English-subbed is also a thing.
      Same thing with WRC4 although I’m not sure Bandai Namco will handle the publishing this time. Maybe WRC3 didn’t sell well? They don’t say a word >.<

      • nonscpo

        Actually the English text is not a bad idea, I’m surprised more Japanese companies don’t release their games with multiple text. It would deffinetly increase the imports, especially for those games that have no chance at a localization. I feel they should at the bare minimum offer English, Spanish, and French text as that way the import community in the Americas and parts of Europe will have something.

        • Rodolfo Ferreira

          The fact there are more and more Japanese titles with no other languages support is a sad truth but there’s still hope, as this can be easily worked around with an update, but then, again, some company would have to distribute the game and handle the publishing to other region.
          The way I see it, Japanese Devs making games with no other language support means they do not want it to be played anywhere else. This move do not surprise me.

  • Juan

    Why can’t more games like this come west? I need more turn-based J-rpgs in my life.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool. I hope it comes out over here.