Falcom‘s The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II will see a whole host of characters return from the first game. Elise, Rean’s sister, is one of these characters and we have got a closer look at her.

Alongside a few screens of the Trails in the Flash II‘s mecha-like summons, Famitsu gives us a look at Elise – who will return with a bigger role than she had in the first game.

The biological child of the Schwartzers, who attended Saint Astraia all-girls academy in the first game, Elise has feelings that appear stronger than that of sibling love for her brother Rean. Not related by blood, Elise shows her care for Rean by travelling all the way to Thors Academy to help him out.

We also see a glimpse of Celine, Emma’s cat, who was kept a secret when Emma first entered the academy. Celine is not a traditional pet cat, more of a guardian to Emma, and can communicate with humans. Celine proved to be of help to Rean in the first game, and it looks like she will be around in Trails in the Flash II to be of assistance.

A few weeks ago Kyle posted details of the ‘Cavalry God‘ a mecha partner creation spell that is available to Rean. Here we are introduced to ‘Valimar’ and ‘Panzer Zolda’ who will be at your command to provide offensive might in battle.

Due to release in Japan on September 25th, there has been no news yet on Western localisation for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II. As soon as we hear anything, The Vita Lounge will be sure to keep you posted. Until then, here is a look at the mecha partner creation spells in action;