Already available in the US and the UK, Sony has confirmed that the PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) will launch in France on June 13th.

The PS Vita SlimĀ features a LCD screen, 1GB of internal storage whilst at the same time being 20% lighter and 15% thinner than the original PS Vita. It also has improved battery life.

Whilst the date has been confirmed, Sony have yet to set the price for the PS Vita Slim. We can expect this to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

For those considering the purchase of a PS Vita Slim, take a look at Paul’s review of the Vita Slim here. As always, as and when more details emerge about the release of the PS Vita Slim in other territories, The Vita Lounge will be sure to keep you updated.

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  • nonscpo

    That’s a nice picture you guys choose, and good for French gamers, didn’t realize they hadn’t seen a release yet.

    • Charlie Large

      Thanks! As far as I know, the Vita Slim hasn’t released in most European countries yet. The only one that I know of for sure is the UK, so it looks like it is starting to filter out across the rest of Europe.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Looking at the picture and thinking…what are the accessories for this new gen. Vita going to be like – if they ever come to exist? Since the ‘Vita port’ has been ditched, I guess that decreases the probability this handheld could ever have to get an accessory that will add some functionality to it.

    Oh well at least I know that whatever comes -if it comes- will not be a gameplay recorder hardware, which would be awesome for the device. The dream is over.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Switching to a more standard plug (a-la the 2000) would technically make the device MORE likely to illicit a response from accessory makers than those who have to deal with a proprietary port, NOT less.

      Also, it was never claimed that there’d be device-altering accessories – so your “dream” was simply that.

      • Rodolfo Ferreira

        So basically what you’re trying to say is the Vita 1000 never got a ‘device-altering-accessory’ because accessory makers did not want to deal with the proprietary Vita port?
        Do you think that micro-USB output can handle extended-functionality accessory and increase Vita’s hardware capabilities?

        • Kyle Wakeling

          Nobody wants to deal with a proprietary port – it costs more to develop for than a standardized connection does due to licensing fees.

          As for whether micro-USB will give extended functionality, I highly doubt it. The Vita 2000 will likely never do anything beyond what it does now for backwards compatibility reasons with the 1000, and anything they could add via micro-USB wouldn’t be of much use anyways as there’s not much tied into the port other than the ability to transfer data and charge the device.

          Hardware add-ons for the Vita which don’t require opening it up are likely never, ever going to happen beyond what has already been achieved (docks, batteries, etc).