God Eater 2 gets a new patch, as well as some DLC inspired by the previous game God Eater Burst.

First of all, the v1.40 patch for God Eater 2, which is currently available for download, will add new modes to the game. One of these new modes is a Survival Mode that allows for players to take multiple missions one after another while not returning to base. Survival Mode includes a new character attribute called “Durability” that decreases when a character falls or fails in battle. When the Durability meter is empty, the character cannot participate in battle. This, however, is refilled after each battle. In between each battle, characters can change their equipment but not refill their items. This means that any weapons and armor can be changed, but health items cannot be restocked.


For those who want more challenge from the game, God Eater 2 will have a feature to increase the difficulty of challenges up to 99. If players clear these challenges at levels 5, 10, 30, and 99, they will get special T-shirts.

Finally, God Eater 2 will have a brand new multiplayer mode, allowing for multiple people to join a room and play through the story together.

Players that are wishing for more story content are getting more in the form of DLC that will take characters from God Eater Burst and give them the spotlight. This DLC, called God Eater 2’s Another Episode: Return of the Defense Force, will have Dr. Sakaki send out characters from the first game (Karel Schneider, Gina Dickinson, Tatsumi O’Mori, Brendan Bardell, and Shun Ogawa) to eliminate groups of Arigami.

God Eater 2’s Another Episode: Return of the Defense Force will be released on June 5th for 1000 yen ($10), while the v1.40 patch is available now.

  • Lester Paredes

    Seriously, this needs to come over. The first one was awesome. This looks even better.

    • nonscpo

      Graphically yes storywise is yet to be determined. For some reason I didn’t expect all of these side characters to make a reaperance. So hopefully the team developing the game get everything right.

  • Azim Nazmi

    while we just waiting for the localization :

    • nonscpo

      It’s at least nice to know that we have something to look forward too when Burst gets anounced for a localization 🙂