Milestone has announced that the 2014 edition of MotoGP will release on various platforms, including Vita, this month.

MotoGP 14 will feature over a hundred different riders (including past champions), all the manufacturers available and eighteen tracks to ride on launch. As a bonus for those who are buying this game in the UK, pre-ordering from retailer GAME will net you a free card game pack for the ‘Legends of Moto’.

MotoGP 14 is set to release June 20th in Europe, with no news on a North American release.

  • Lester Paredes

    And it will probably stay over there, just like WRC 4 for Vita. A crying shame, too, because we could use a few sim – racers over here for our favorite handheld. I mean, who knows when or if they’re going to make a Gran Turismo.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      Yeah I feel your pain. I’ve tweeted Milestone and Bandai Namco on Twitter – trying to see if those got an other deal so that BN could handle the publishing and distribute the game in the US once again. Specially after May 1st announcement: – Square Enix will handle the distribution of the game to Japanese gamers. No word on a US release – if it comes. Maybe Bandai Namco regretted and changed their mind.