Two new “live play” videos have popped up on Nippon Ichi’s YouTube channel, showcasing the gameplay of their unique little title.

In htoL#NiQ (aka Hotaru no Nikki, or Firefly’s Diary in English), players will control a “light” and “dark” firefly – using them to guide lost character Mion safely from her current location. The two fireflies exist such that one lives in the light and one lives in the shadow, each one having different abilities tuned to their environments. The light-loving firefly can make plants grow to open new paths for Mion, while the shadow-loving firefly can move through the shadows and use a “shadow link” skill to move objects.

To better help you understand the mechanics of the game (and of course to show it off), here’s two new “live play” videos from developer Nippon Ichi Software’s YouTube channel;

Video #1 (gameplay starts at the 3:40 mark)

Video #2 (gameplay starts at the 4:18 mark)

htoL#NiQ is set to release June 19th in Japan, with no word yet on localization.