Whilst making the jump from PlayStation 3 to Vita, 5pb has taken it upon themselves to give Liberation Maiden: Sin‘s opening movie a little TLC.

Here’s the new Vita OP;

…and for comparison, the original PlayStation 3 OP;

Liberation Maiden: Sin is scheduled to be released July 31st in Japan.

  • nonscpo

    I still think its odd to see a game that started of on the 3DS continue on with a sequel on The Vita. But then again it isn’t the first franchise to really do it.

    P.S. I personally think the original clip was better than the new one.

    • Luckeh

      SSSSHHH we must not complain or they will take our vita games away and then the drought will kill us

      • nonscpo

        Lol Im not complaining, just find it slightly odd. Besides nothing would make me hapier than getting more Visual Novels in the west for the VITA. For now well have to settle with the upcoming “Xblaze Code Embryo” and “Dangan Ronpa 2”. But we can dream 🙂

  • shibomi

    That one girl has wicked pink and blue hair