Great news for skateboarding fans as Roll7 today announced that the bug that has been causing OlliOlli to crash has finally been fixed!

The issue has been quite a grind for the developer since the game released at the start of the year, but Simon Bennett from Roll7 today took to the PlayStation Blog to reveal that a patch is ‘with Sony’s QA team and should be rolling out for users before June 20th‘.

Simon went on to thank those that had helped the studio to overcome this issue, saying that ‘we want to give massive props to our friends and partners at BlitWorks for narrowing down and finally terminating this nasty little menace‘.

Alongside this patch, it was also revealed that Roll7 have another big patch in the pipeline for June. This patch will see fully functional leaderboards added to OlliOlli. Simon exclaims that ‘for a game about tricking the living hell out of your friends and the world, we think this will be one hell of an important update – one that the OlliOlli community has been asking for since launch!

If all of this wasn’t enough, it was also confirmed that those of you OlliOlli owners who also own a PS3 or PS4 will receive the game for free when it releases for the consoles. To top all of this wonderful news off, alongside being Cross-Buy, OlliOlli will also feature Cross-Save so that you can carry on kick-flipping on your home consoles!

This is fantastic news for fans of OlliOlli, as soon as we hear any further updates in regards to this patch, we at The Vita Lounge will be sure to keep you posted!

SOURCEPlayStation Blog US
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  • Stuart Herrington

    Cool! I haven’t played it in ages, I’m pretty bad at it!

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Hopefully they bring their new project now.