Japan is getting some colorful deals for the Vita in July. Red/Black and Blue/Black Value Packs have been announced for July 10 for the new Vita 2000 models.

These two tone systems are set to be released with the usual USB cable and charger as well as a screen protector, pouch, and an 8 GB memory cards preloaded with Destiny of Spirits: Asia, Magica Wars Zanbatsu, No Puzzles Either, Rebellion Run: Dash or Capture, Yakuza Restoration! and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd.

These new bundles will be selling for 18,980 yen ($184.95 US or 135.77 Euros). A version of the Value Bundle with the original Vita version will also be released for 19,980 yen ($194.68 US or 143.03 Euros).

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  • nonscpo

    Great plan Sony, now bring over value bundles to North America.

    • Buckybuckster

      Given Sony’s past record for this type of promotion in NA, I wouldn’t hold my breath. But yeah, I really hope we see something like this happen over here. Or maybe it’s better to say that this NEEDS to happen over here.
      I even have my doubts about the PS4/Vita (which supposedly has been outed on Amazon U.K. according to Gamespot) having a NA release. Would be another missed opportunity if it doesn’t.

      • nonscpo

        Even if they dont do it they still need a more practicle bundle. Instead of giving out an inferior memory card and a voucher for a game you may or may not want. Wouldn’t it be better that for 200 smackaroos you get a vita with a 32GB card?