The 8-bit style free-to-play puzzle game No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either is kicking off its first online special event starting Friday June 6.

This first event, called “Heyfever Heroes” is the first of six online events planned throughout the year. They will give players a chance to compete against the other Gods of Destruction from around the world to determine who truly is the most powerful.

Tomoyo Kimura, Assistant ISD Producer at SCEA, describes the event by saying, “In this unique online event, you’ll be fighting against brand new heroes that never appear in normal dungeons. The top ranked players will receive big rewards, including special titles and rare monsters. But don’t worry, regardless of how well you do, all event participants will receive monsters to add to their Monsterpedias.”

If you’ve been dying to push your No Heroes skills just a little further, then you have something to look forward to, and if you’ve never played the game, now might be a good time to start. Both the game and the event are free, so you have nothing to lose.

Should you decide to take up the challenge, all you need to do to participate is follow the instructions below.


  • Sign into your PlayStation Network account to join the event.
  • Utilize all of your monsters, heroes, and loot from Badman’s lair.
  • Play a timed puzzle against three special heroes to earn rewards.
  • Once you clear an event level, you are automatically added to the ranking board.
  • Rewards will be distributed following the event for a limited time.
  • nonscpo

    Hmm I have mixed feelings on the timing of this event, with E3 around the corner I’m not sure a lot of people might jump on this, unless they plan to do something leading into E3.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Awesome. This game is well worth the 7.99 to unlock everything and I’m glad they are adding events. I’ve got hours and hours of play and with the unlock everything it’s very much a premium puzzle game rather than f2p rubbish. This type of f2p, with the option to own the full game if you wish, I don’t mind at all. In fact the game with everything unlocked would be a good purchase as a £14.99 retail game.

    Can you guys contact the devs and see if there is any chance of them adding an endless mode? Daily challenge that is one shot at endless mode with friends leaderboards would be fantastic.