We get a quick peek at Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U‘s EXE Drive and Costume Beak systems thanks to some new screens and details.

Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U lets players bring two characters with them at a time, allowing you to switch between them in the middle of battle. As a bonus, the characters you bring even interact with each other – making for a more customized experience depending on who you choose to partner up.

The game also features a costume destruction system that works a little differently from Tamsoft’s previous titles, giving costumes a durability stat that goes down when you take damage and activate specific actions.

When a costume is destroyed you’ll be exposed, causing you to take more damage if hit – the flip side to this however is that you’re no longer encumbered by your costume, subsequently raising your critical attack rate and filling the EXE Drive gauge faster.

Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U is set to hit Japan August 28th, with no word yet on localization.

  • Kurisu Makise

    I’m impressed that they made the costume gimmick a useful stat. Hopefully it plays as well as, if not better than Senran Kagura Burst and the upcoming 2. Definitely was a good idea on IF/Compile Heart’s part to make a title like this.

    • nonscpo

      I’m still new to the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise (just picked up PP), but I’m not sure if the costume destruction was necesary. It seems to me the games fan service has already been established. It just looks like a spinoff created to chase after that Senran Kagura money in Japan. That or costume destruction will be a growing trend, and games like this will be more common.