We get a closer look at the upcoming release of BlazBlue universe visual novel XBlaze Code: Embryo with its first developer diary.

Producer Toshimichi Mori talks about the connection between XBlaze and BlazBlue, check it out!

Interested? XBlaze Code: Embryo has a demo out now in North America, and is set to release sometime this Summer.


  • nonscpo

    I feel the demo didn’t do a good job advertising the game as it was too short and released too early (should have been released closer to launch). The production values are pretty good for a game in the visual novel genre. I just hope this game sells well, Aksys has stated that they are interested in localizing more visual novels. Wouldn’t it be great if a company like Aksys could localize visual novels like Clannad or Eustia of the Tarnished wing for the Vita?

    • Luckeh

      It’d be great, but so are a lot of things…………..that never happen

      • nonscpo

        Lol…True is True!

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m gonna go try the demo.