We are quite fond of Soul Sacrifice Delta and it’s very pleasing to see that with the new 1.2 update SCE are carrying on where they left of with the first title – by offering free DLC.

In addition to a myriad of bug fixes, Kumi Yuasa from SCEA says:
“Today’s DLC adds the “Otherworld Pacts” to the “Additional Pacts” section, with 6 new quests featuring the fiery “Chthonian Fiend” and the sparky “Abyssal Fiend.

They’ve not come empty handed either (that would just be rude), for they’ve each brought a couple of offerings with them. Those spells are yours to keep should you be strong enough to defeat these mighty beasts.

And we’re not forgetting the more fashion conscious of you, with the Mononofu costume (for her and for him) thrown in for good measure.”


In addition to the Toukiden content, Kumi explains a little about a new Archfiend to encounter, the Bahumaht.
“Bahamuts are complex creatures: though very elusive, they will simply not show up without another Archfiend in the vicinity. So be prepared if one invites itself to one of your quests as the reward for defeating it and completing the quest will be worth the effort indeed!

Speaking of quests, we’ve added the Additional Pact VI, which brings the usual set of 3 new quests.

Next, we’ve got a new chapter to the Avalon Sorcerous Deeds: introducing The Reaper.

If you thought some of the sorcerer’s tales were heart breaking, wait until you hear the Reaper’s story. Let’s just say it’s not called “The Reaper’s Gloom” for nothing… Note: The Reaper set includes 4 story chapters, Ally potential, Soul and/or Life Essence and a rather tasteful costume.”

Also included in the DLC is a set of raiment and accessories inspired by the Dream Chasers of Wild Arms! There are three costumes: Lady Harken, Knight Blazer and Drifter, plus a bunch of head gear, including Hanpan himself!


Hopefully this will be the start of a large selection of content for Delta, have you picked it up yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Wow! Even with a 64gb I can’t really afford the memory space this will need though sadly, I find myself wanting the game but will wait till it’s free with the 3.4gb plus dlc and patches it demands. Retail versions please in future.

    • nonscpo

      If you want a retail version check out playasia.com cause while there is no physical release in North America and Europe. The Asia version has English text/dub.

  • Lester Paredes

    Game is amazing. The Wild Arms DLC makes me yearn for a new entry in that series. Or, at least bring the PS1 and PS2 games to Vita.