So, E3 is almost upon us. At 18:00 PDT on Monday (01:30 GMT on Tuesday) Sony will share their thoughts with us on how they will take the PlayStation brand forward. The last couple of SCE keynotes have not exactly been kind to the Vita with the handheld only getting a fraction of the spotlight, despite the actual event having its fair share of gaming on display. Whilst the PS4 will be the undoubted main focus, this lack of Vita discussion has got to change at some point, right? With that in mind we thought we would make a few predictions ahead of the presentation.

Likely occurrences:
We firmly believe that Freedom Wars will be showcased in some form, as will the recently announced Ratchet Trilogy. Sony will tell us when we can get the 64 GB card in the West as well as some more news on PlayStation Now, and how the subscription model will work and how that ties in with the Vita. More indie titles will be show-cased – with the usual cross-buy mechanic, but the emphasis will be on the PS4 as the main platform. We already know that Sony will be announcing a new PS3/4/Vita title during the show, what could it be? It’s not a Vita exclusive clearly, and we are hearing suggestions of a PlayStation All-Stars sequel. Is this the game we will see? With Minecraft set for an August release, are we going to get a concrete release date, as well as the first vita footage?

The Vita memory cards are probably the biggest single obstacle (aside from marketing) to the success of the Vita and they already had a price drop last year. Another price reduction may be a bit far fetched, but we can see an announcement that all Vita packages will come with an 8GB card as standard. We also expect that the rumoured PS4/Vita bundle will be confirmed for specific regions.

Also, a word on the heavily rumoured GTA title. If the HD remakes of Liberty and Vice City Stories is true, surely they will be getting a mention at E3?

Unlikely occurrences:
We would love to see something on Gravity Rush 2 – and wouldn’t rule it out – but we would expect the first concrete details for it to appear at TGS in September. Perhaps some Third Party support from at least one publisher with a at least one new AAA title will be announced? Could EA surprise us and develop a “true” FIFA 15 or will it just be a re-skin? Maybe a newer Call of Duty could be in the pipeline? Declassified received quite a mauling from the critics yet still sold a decent amount of units from a much smaller install base. With more Vita units in the wild could Activision be tempted again?

We would have said that a NA/EU release for the Vita TV would have been a dead cert until the financials stated 3.5m total units this fiscal year, so we may be out of luck with that. We mentioned memory prices above, perhaps the Vita itself will see a price drop, possibly $20 or more?

Improbable occurrences:
We will surely get a Vita Gran Turismo at some point, but will we see it this early? It would easily create a bit of excitement – and in the absence of some big name Third Party presence SCE need to bring out some more of their own big guns. We are almost 2 and a half years into the Vita’s life now, how much longer are they going to leave it? We think it’s possible that the infamous Vita Bioshock will get a mention – with Iron Galaxy confirmed as the developers. Gio Corsi’s third party team have completed their first project in Borderlands 2 and we will surely hear what they are doing next before long.

Vita owners are crying out for more sports titles – NBA and NHL games in particular, could EA surprise us by confirming them for this year? Perhaps a new Skate, or the long suggested Dead Space Vita? What about Pro Evolution Soccer? The definitive Soccer/Football simulation was well supported on the PSP, and it would be an amazing addition, not just for fans of the series, but to those of FIFA, who need the competition to get EA to buck up their ideas.

We also hope that Sony really hype up Minecraft and announce a bundle. It’s still so relevant, and a more complete portable version of the block building hit is bound to move units – the far more limited Pocket Edition has shifted over 21m units worldwide and whilst this title alone will not revitalise the Vita’s fortunes but it will sell.

What do you make of our suggestions? What do you think Sony have in store for us?

  • vongruetz .

    My sources have confirmed that The Last Guardian is still coming and will be a PS Vita exclusive.

    • Karl Smith

      May have to disagree with TLG coming to Vita. I think it’s likely to get released on the PS3.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      What do your sources say about the ‘City Stories’ patent from Take 2? Is there a link that points to a possible brand new GTA game for the Vita?
      Ever since this City Stories leak, they’ve been too quiet.

      • vongruetz .

        Can’t speak about it too much, but unconfirmed sources are currently glaiming GTA 6 to be coming only to PS Vita with a PS Mobile mini-game as well. 🙂

        • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

          Am I sensing sarcasm or are you actually being serious? If you are, then that would explode Vita sales into the stratosphere with a timed price drop and bundle. However I sense you are joking 🙁

          • vongruetz .

            I know nothing but sarcasm. It’s a curse that was given to me from my mother.
            My inside sources may or may not actually exist… though strongly leaning toward the “may not” realm.

          • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

            At least you can play GTA 5 on the go if you have a PS4 later this year. Looks like Sony has given up on the Vita AGAIN. Unless they’re hoping Vita TV will fly off the shelves and third party support will come back. Funny how it’s now called Playstation TV though. It’s like they’re trying to forget the Vita as a bad error 🙁

          • vongruetz .

            I think they’re trying to lessen some of the confusion. They made a great brand with the name “PlayStation.” So when they had their portable, PlayStation Portable (or PSP) was a good name. Then they came out with the PSP2 but called it the Vita. It didn’t take off quite like they hoped, and perhaps the name had something to do with it. Maybe PSP2 would have been better.
            Now, PlayStation TV is a microconsole that is aiming to compete with other devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, except this one is PlayStation. PlayStation is a name that people recognize. Vita TV wouldn’t get anyone to notice.

          • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

            You may well have a good point there!

    • SlyMedic

      Along with uncharted 4 & GOW 4 Right?

    • れいか

      Woah! Really? That’s really unexpected… I hope so. >.< Vita would welcome titles like these….

  • Kurisu Makise

    Final Fantasy: Type 0. Third Party Productions and Adam Boyes have a little treat for all Vita gamers, E3 should surely be the time to reveal such. Note it could also be Suikoden!

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I just want gta and naruto for ps vita, hope the gta would be like Chinatown Wars, wich in my opinion is more fun that V

  • nonscpo

    I want an exact western release date for Freedom Wars, Toukiden Extreme, Gravity Rush 2, and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2. As far as localizations we need Gods Eater 2 Burst.

    • Johnathan Pompey

      Idk why but this comment just bolstered my excitement. With my recent jump into boss rush/hunting games, Toukiden Extreme, Freedom Wars and Gods Eater 2 Burst are definitely on my list!

      • nonscpo

        Cool glad to know I made your day. So I take it you’re currently playing Soul Sacrifice Delta, Gods Eater Burst, or Monster Hunter Freedom Unite off PSN?

    • Kurisu Makise

      Gods Eater 2 Burst hasn’t even been announced for Japan yet. You’ll need to wait until TGS at least before we here any such thing. Also new DLC just came out not that long ago for God Eater 2 vanilla. I honestly think they should just localize GE2 and when Burst or whatever they call the expansion version is announced, release it digital only. Extreme hasn’t been announced for localization, GR2 needs proper footage, probably TGS again. At least you’ll get the Miku date soon =3 Looking like August-September though. I’m sure we’ll hear more news at E3 =3

      • nonscpo

        I know I know, this is the optimist in me that wants this stuff anounced at E3. Hopefully Sony and company wow us this year.

        P.S. out of all the localizing companies this year id have to say that Xseed is the one supportin the vita the most going into E3 with 3 out of 4 of their games headed for the vita.

  • Trioptical

    Vita TV… aren’t they updating PlayStation Mobile to 2.0, which will be Vita exclusive and include support for Vita TV? It was announced on the dev forums.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      PS Mobile 2.0 to support the Vita TV? i didn’t see that. We know it’s going to be Vita exclusive from now on but no word on Vita TV support.

      • Kyle Wakeling

        PSMobile support for Vita TV was added in the 3.10 firmware update, it’s unlikely that PSMobile 2.0 will exclude it.

    • nonscpo

      They just anounced it, were getting the Vita TV with a name change as the Playstation TV. So happy it became the highlight of the sony press conference for me =3

  • JonathanisPrimus

    “We will surely get a Vita Gran Turismo at some point”

    I’m not as sure. I think it’s likelier that Polyphony releases a GT experience on phones before Vita.

    • Kurisu Makise

      Now you’re just showing your famous cynicism. At the very least, if they make a GT experience for mobile, surely they’d release that on Vita too. Saves them development of a new game =P!

  • Lester Paredes

    I just hope that Sony doesn’t forget the Vita and remembers to announce a few games. I’d love to see some form of Resident Evil on it, be it 4 or Revelations, anything besides the ps1 classics. Okami would also be nice.
    Moving away from ports, Gravity Rush 2 would be fantastic. Hoping for more original first party games. Third parties would only be interested in porting over existing games, I think.
    Please! Announce a full fledged Gran Turismo! I need my sim racing fix on the go.

  • Dan Smith

    Love the GTA, Bioshock, and Dead Space predictions. Hopefully the improbable become probable.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    I’d love to see Gran Turismo Vita, but with a proper career unlike the PSP. Judging by how late they left the PSP title I think it’s at least 2 years away though. Still, every year I hope and pray for that announcement. Polyphony have said the next gen GT for PS4 may not be far away though, and with all this focus on remote play I’d think GT PS4 will be a more likely reveal….and I doubt they would release a Vita version alongside due to remote play. We need an exclusive GTA and some other first and third party exclusives that will sell units, not more ports and remakes. Not that I dislike them, I’m itching to get Borderlands 2 but the truth is to sell the system Sony needs the exclusives, and PS4/Vita bundle with a reasonable saving along with the 64gb cards, a sizeable cut on their prices and perhaps lopping a bit more off the Vita price now the OLED is gone and production of the unit is cheaper.

  • CrimsonPaw

    Release a GTAIII Trilogy HD and I’m a happy camper – these are three games I’d love to take on the road with me. Also, a portable Bethesda WRPG would kick some ass as well.