Tough as nails 2D platformer La-Mulana gets a release window in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The protagonist of the game is Lemeza, a whip wielding tomb raider similar to Indiana Jones who takes it upon himself to explore the tomb within La-Mulana. Although there is only one ending in the game there are many ways to get there – completing objectives in the game doesn’t need to be linear, nor is there an obvious recommended path to take. Many powerups will allow you to reach new areas (a staple of Metroidvania style games), but the game gives directional indication or objective markers.

La-Mulana originally debuted on PC in 2005, getting re-made for Wii and PC in 2011 before landing a sequel via Kickstarter last year. Revenue from the Kickstarter campaign apparently fell short of reaching console release stretch goals, but if the Vita port of the original is successful you never know what could happen.

La-Mulana is set to hit Japanese Vitas this December, a Western release date still yet to be announced.

  • nonscpo

    Nice I didn’t realize this game was coming to the vita.