Although the main E3 show was lacking some serious Vita focus, Sony have released a trailer with little segments of gameplay from upcoming titles.

With footage from Minecraft, Velocity 2x, Freedom Wars, Mech Runner, Akiba Strip, Child of Light, Don’t Starve and many more this video is well worth a watch.

Any of these on your buy list?

  • Robert Backland

    It’s a shame that they didn’t at least show this trailer during the Press Conference. They spent more time talking about that new TV show they’re making, than talking about the Vita, which is a shame. Especially since Vita TV is coming out, and there are so many good games coming.

    • It would have made so much sense to show it. Could they not have spared 2 minutes for it?

    • nonscpo

      Completly agree this trailer only shows the E3 anouncements, but even this would have been better. Out of all the things that they could have done for the vita at E3, I was confident that at the bare minimum they would at least show off a huge montage of games that have come out this year and games that are coming later this year to show the audience that the vita does in fact have games.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    It is kind of weird, in the Nether it looks like we will have more space to see than in the normal world.

  • Kurisu Makise

    The sizzle reel made me question if Vita was even a PlayStation platform. So much has changed since gen 7 and the PSP. In the past, Sony at least would have spared PSP some time to show a better sizzle reel than this, doing their best to show as much game play footage for Vita games as possible.

  • chava

    this should have been shown instead of the new CEO, no hate but vita needed the show floor more than him.

  • Lester Paredes

    So, instead of this, they decided to have some people play Little Big Planet 3 as poorly as possible for what seemed like 20 minutes? Ugh.

  • José Juan Regalado

    Why Sony didn’t show this trailer in his conference ._. …Playstation Vita yesterday received a lot of criticism, and criticism with this trailer would have slowed.