The fixes for Borderlands 2 on the Vita just keep coming, and a new one should be arriving next week.



Gio Corsi, the director of Third Party Production for PlayStation announced two weeks ago that a new patch was in the works that would “deal with some performance & control issues & various crashes.” It would appear that they are nearly finished with it and ready for release. Today on Twitter, after reaffirming Sony’s commitment to the PS Vita, he announced that the patch should be available by next week.

Hopefully this patch will continue to improve a game that has suffered from a number of technical issues since launch

  • Johnnie

    Seriously, I’ve had almost no issues whatsoever with the current version. Texture pop and a little lag during big fights but that’s it.

  • Lester Paredes

    YAY! Whatever they want to fix, do it! Game is pretty fun, and improvements would be welcome.

  • Max_Callavaro

    Finally. Ive had numerous problems. Around 15-20 crashes, freezes, skipping audio. A few times it had cost me various gear, which was frustrating. It got progressively worse as I was going through the game.

    It might also be depedent on the character and playstyle. With krieg for instance the game gets more hectic and chaotic which means a lot going on on screen at a given moment. These moments would account for at least 50% of crashes for me.

    Hopefully the game will at least be stable and have a slighly higher framerate…

    BTW: for the people who say framerate doest matter much, wait to you get to the endboss area and see how smooth the game runs there.

    • darkknezz

      i’ve had a bunch of freezes and crashes along with the framerate being unstable at times…nonetheless I still think the game is great and look forward to the patch.

  • Etharius

    I’ll get around to picking this up eventually, but its good to know that the developers are continuing to improve upon it.

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Current version is fine, it’s really sad to see TVL following the mainstream line rather than being in tune with players.

    • Hi Anthony, sorry that’s how you have interpreted the news. I’m playing through Borderlands 2 now for review and I am enjoying it, but there is no denying that there are technical problems with the game. It’s not enough to stop me from making the most of it but to deny that they are not there is simply not true. Else they wouldn’t have made a patch. 😉

      Excessive loading times, dodge frame rates, audio drops and renders taking a while to load are just a few things I’ve encountered.

      After just being accused of being too sportive of Sony in another post, it wouldn’t be right if we weren’t factual. Whether the mainstream have been too harsh with their reviews or not is another matter, but these underlying issues are there.

  • Raphg1070

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