We get a look at upcoming 2D side-scrolling shooter MilitAnt via an E3 trailer reveal.

Developed by Mexico-based game studio Xibalba Studios, MilitAnt is a game that has surprised us with its quality and gameplay – but to find out what the game’s really about here’s the official description;

“As a new day dawns, you wake to the terrible clamor of explosions as the enemy army approaches. As the lone guard in your watchtower, you have no choice but to face the enemy as they overrun the colony.

Eventually, you rejoin with your ant army forces, only to find out the horrible truth of your dire situation; this is not a simple skirmish or a lone foe. All the other insect-nations have formed an alliance to eliminate the ant colony once and for all.

Now it is up to you to save your civilization and learn what it means to become a hero. You will defend your colony and travel to distant and foreign lands where you will fight the insect invaders and attempt to discover the reason behind this war… and how to end it.”

Sound like a good concept? Let me convince you further;

MilitAnt is set to release in 2015, keep an eye on TVL for any updates as they become available.

  • darkknezz

    looks cool

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Looks awesome.


    after this E3 i now understand why sony made the VITA with a rear touchpad for – so they can Backstab us after they take our money 🙁

    • Lester Paredes

      Geeze, grow up, will you? Go bitch about it in a relevant thread.

      • ZELDUCK

        and you go and FYSITA

        • Lester Paredes

          Oh, what a well thought out response! I must be talking with a sage of the ages, here. Clearly, yours is a mind that bubbles over with quick wit and intelligence!

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool. I must say that I wasn’t expecting a dual wielding ant. Xibalba, I think that’s the Aztec underworld.