We take a look at two new gameplay videos for the upcoming RPG Lost Dimension –¬†one showing the basics of battle and the other going all out.

Developer Furyu and news site Famistu have both posted gameplay videos to their respective YouTube channels, the former going with the “basics” approach while the latter chose to go all out showcasing battle at its finest.

Here’s the “basics” video from Furyu;

…and here’s the “all out” video from Famitsu;

So what do you think, does this one look interesting? Are you hoping for a Western release?

Furyu’s Lost Dimension is set to release August 7th in Japan, with no word yet on localization.

  • Lester Paredes

    The battle system reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles, which is a positive. Looks interesting, and I do hope for a localization.

  • Billy Kostyra

    Game looks interesting.

  • Jef Curlin

    Wow, love the look of this! Hope it comes here

  • Kunan Litol

    Them screams