We get our first real look at anime-inspired The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order with new screenshots and a trailer from Bandai Namco Games.

We originally brought you news of the game coming to Vita two weeks ago, but we didn’t have anything to share other than its existence and the name. That’s all over now, as we’re back with some screens and a trailer to tickle your interest

Check out the screens below;

They also released some renders/art from the game;


…and the trailer we missed the first time around;

The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order is set to release this year in Japan, with no word on localization.

  • Namco Bandai has all the good games right now!

    • Kyle Wakeling

      They really do, if only they had a team localizing everything they’re bringing to Japan…

      • Have you heard anything about Rise of Incarnates? I got into the alpha and it’s pretty cool. A F2P 3D arena-style fighting game for pc. It even has it’s own comic!

        • Kyle Wakeling

          Nah, my PCs are toast right now – nothing to play PC games on at the moment 🙁

  • nonscpo

    So its not a visual novel after all, its a 3D action game? Checked out the anime not really that impressed yet.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      How far into the anime are you? Seems like it has a LOT of potential to me.

      • nonscpo

        I stopped after the second episode. I’m not against those Onichan shows, however if I watch that type of show I expect great chemistry among all the characters. I haven’t had a lot of free time to watch anime so when I resume watching, ill probably finish watching

        • Kyle Wakeling

          I thought it picked up around 3/4.

  • WhyWai

    Wow, surprisingly good graphics. But I’m confused now, I thought this is a versus fighting game?

  • STChocoEX

    This surprisingly does not look that bad despite being very likely an advertisement for the anime. I am interested on how this turns out in the future.