Two new gameplay videos have been released for Toukiden Kiwami, showcasing a new fighting style as well as the larger selection of weaponry the enhanced game includes.

When Toukiden Kiwami launches later this year the new weapons and fighting style will be alongside a number of improvements, refinements and additions across the board, advancing the addictive monster killing gameplay of the original Toukiden. As you would expect, there will be new monsters to battle against alongside some returning enemies with new moves. These new moves and enemies do well to re-establish their threat, making battles just as dangerous as the first time you started Age of Demons.

Check out these videos, showcasing the changes and additions;

Toukiden Kiwami hasn’t received confirmation for a release in the West just yet, and launches in Japan at the tail end of this year.

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    • Luthee

      ME TOO !

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks like the Naginata is going to become my weapon of choice… Also, is anyone else still amazed by the fact that psp games are still being made?

  • Kunan Litol

    Najinta OP