EA Sports has released a list of the platforms that this year’s FIFA 15 will be brought to, and it’s mixed news for Vita owners.

Yes, FIFA 15¬†will¬†be coming to PlayStation Vita, but unfortunately it is another “Legacy” edition. Legacy editions of the FIFA games are usually cut back versions, as seen with FIFA 14 – read our review here.

In our review, we concluded by saying;

If you don’t own other versions of this then this is the best version, but just keep in mind the FIFA 13 is essentially the same and much cheaper. It’s a great title, but we deserve better. Maybe next year?

Whilst full details haven’t yet been released by EA Sports, Vita owners will be desperately hoping for a more fully fleshed version than we’ve received for the past two years rather than another iteration of the game game with roster and kit updates although at the end of the most recent trailer for FIFA 15, a message can clearly be seen stating “Not all features available on all gaming platforms.”

We’ll keep you updated with the information we get as it comes in, but for now here’s a trailer for the next generation console version of the game.

  • Luke Simmonds

    this should not be legacy

    • fredy salinas