From the Land of the Rising Sun comes Arc System Works’ Magical Beat – a magically unique music title.

I’m not too well versed on this one as I didn’t really expect it to make its way over from Japan, however the press release had this to say;

“Magical Beat remixes the puzzle genre by adding in a beat! Drop colored blocks in a match-3 style to the background music’s rhythm with perfect timing to send blocks to your opponent’s screen. Charming 8-bit characters and menus guide you through stages with different BPMs for unique challenges and combo possibilities. Magical Beat features an original Vocaloid soundtrack created by Nico Nico celebrity and prolific sound creator Kikuo.”

Sounds like a rhythm based Tetris of sorts, I might have to check it out actually…. haha 🙂

Magical Beat is set to hit the North American PlayStation Store today, the price set at $9.99.

  • nonscpo

    Why on earth did they wait till now to announce it? I swear these companies must enjoy testing the waters when it comes to marketing. I guess they must be counting on impulse buyers to pick up the title. Definetly sounds interesting, looking forward to your review Kyle =3

    • Lester Paredes

      I know. I absolutely hate it when they do that.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Won’t be me reviewing it, apparently it’s not coming to Canada… -.-“

      • nonscpo

        That sucks, when they anounce North American releases I expect those games to make it to Canada and Mexico.

  • Lester Paredes

    I might have to check it out. Looks interesting.

    • nonscpo

      You should man, write a review for the Vitalounge, and become famous. Now go make your money 🙂