Marvelous AQL‘s upcoming Vita game, IA/VT Colorful has had some light shed on its Step Up Play mode in an free online excerpt from this week’s issue of Famitsu.

The game, a music game based on vocaloid IA Project, has a mode called Step Up Play which is a type of mission mode designed to add variety to the way that you play the rhythm game.

You can play Step Up Play mode with every song in the game, and this mode will task you with challenges designed specifically for each song. Clearing these challenges will dish out reward points that will enable you to ‘move on to the next step’. Challenges will include goals such as achieving a certain score, racking up a minimum amount of ‘Cool’ rankings based on your button timing and clearing the song within a set amount of misses.

The excerpt also details the ability to customise parts of the game’s graphical user interface, such as the icons and gauges that can be seen when playing songs. You can purchase these options in an in-game shop using the points that you will collect in the game’s various modes and can be activated from the settings.

Due to release in Japan on July 31st with no word on a Western localisation, be sure to check The Vita Lounge for all the IA/VT Colorful info you could need.

For now though, check out all the latest screenshots below;

  • nonscpo

    I think this game has a strong chance at localization given that were already getting other rhythm games like Hatsune Miku. However the sales of Project Diva f2 will probably be the biggest tipping point for Marvelous AQL in my opinion.

  • BRS25

    help this get localized by bugging the xseed forums!

  • Lester Paredes

    I would like to see this make the jump.