Remember that Borderlands 2 patch we told you about that was supposed to come out this week? It just made it.

Brad brought you news of the patch back on the 11th, but now we’ve finally got release details as it makes it way to North Americans and Europeans today.

Available in update v1.04;

  • Stability and performance [has been improved] throughout the game, including addressing known issues with audio playback.
  • Gyroscopic controls can now be independently inverted. This should ensure that fans of inverted vertical look will also be able to enjoy Gyroscopic aiming as well! (See picture below)
  • There are now scaling sliders for rear touch inputs in the Options menu. Many users mapped lesser used actions to the rear touch but reported that in gripping their PS Vita systems, they’d still accidentally trigger those inputs. Users can now scale the input area down to much smaller zones, mitigating this.
  • [A fix for] an issue where players were not notified that their online session had expired, which caused players to incorrectly appear available for multiplayer.


Borderlands 2 just keeps getting patches, and while it’s definitely unfortunate that some of them were needed in the first place it’s a relief to see how well they’ve supported their product.

What will the next patch bring? Who knows.

  • Lester Paredes

    God Bless you Iron Galaxy. There are many companies who don’t allow their developers the luxury of patching performance issues, thus allowing crappy, fixable issues ruin an otherwise good game. Amazing Spider-Man, Injustice Ultimate Edition, Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate, I’m looking at each of you. Downloading it now! It’s only 65megs, too, so it’s easy on the memory card.

    • But this patch don’t fix anything! Is useless update 🙁

      • Kyle Wakeling

        How would you know if you don’t have it? Besides, it clearly says it does…

        • go to US blog or gamefaq forum and you will see 😉

          • here is one random post from EU blog:

            + inFAMOUSJakey on June 20th, 2014 at 1:53 pm said:

            I have played this game since it came out with bl2 bundle.
            I started from lvl 1 to lvl 61 and got couple legendary and 100s hours put into that character.

            I see ZERO Difference after this patch

            Framerate is still around 20FPS and dips into 10-15 when you are into battles.
            Sigh I guess I expected too much from this patch.

            Just add on note, still get audio glitches here and there as well as missing dialogue…

            IMO this patch done nothing

          • Lester Paredes

            So, you’re just going by what someone else says, instead of actually experiencing it for yourself? IMO, your opinion doesn’t matter, because you are just regurgitating what someone else wrote. And as I’m playing it from the beginning as of about 2 hours ago, I can honestly say that the patch is working. Also, FYI, endgame portions of BL2 have been stated as not running well on consoles, so if it didn’t work that great there, how would one expect it to work better on a less powerful system?.

          • Johnnie

            Not to mention he can’t possibly know what the frame rate actually is running at unless he has it hooked up to something…

          • Lester Paredes

            Exactly. My guess is that he’s just experiencing frame drops during the hectic/busy parts, which happens in a lot of games, and tends to be what games shift towards the further you get into it. .Still, I’ll keep a look out for it. It’s not perfection, mind you, but it is much improved. The Back touch scaling alone vastly improves the experience, and allows me to hold my Vita in a much more comfortable way. I’m really having a blast.

          • Johnnie

            Not only that but if you play the first borderlands on ps3, it plays very similar to BL2 on Vita, yet no one compares the two or complains about the first one.

      • Lester Paredes

        I’ve been playing it, and it runs much smoother than it did at launch.

    • Mauricio Quintero

      And the ugliest, in my opinion, the unplayable The Walking Dead.

      • Lester Paredes

        LOL. While I liked the interactive choose your own adventure ‘game’, I will agree that it ran horribly.

  • If you think that patch fix something look at this:

    Its a gameplay with patch 1.04 – I see is better 😉

  • Max_Callavaro

    Its funny and sad at the same time how people here are claiming the patch makes the game run better since its NOT in the patches notes. They have only “fixed” something performance wise in a few small areas. They have not fixed the overall performance in the game. Just look at the patch notes!!

    If you want feedback from gamers who have been playing the game for awhile look at the playstation blog post. Most people there have been playing the game extensively pre patch and post patch and they are all saying the same thing that the patch changes nothing.

    Im not going to sum up all the issues because someone on the ps blog already did that, but to insinuate that a allround performance patch was coming and then coming out with a patch that fixes none of the real issues people were complaining about just boggles my mind.

    • Performance for players have priority and they promise to fix that in this patch. As always they lies to us!! They makes some fixing in controls, thats ok but we wait for patch that fix performance. We want play game without crashes and slideshow…

      Good that someone work on patch because Jak&Dexter is still unplayable game for Vita!! We have hope that they fix this game…