A new trailer for 5pb’s Corpse Party: Blood Drive has been released on their YouTube channel, showing off some gameplay.

While previous entry Corpse Party: Book of Shadows was definitely a continuation of the Corpse Party series, the gameplay was more like 5pb’s visual novels than the original game. That changes with Blood Drive, which takes the game back to its roots – in regards to gameplay at least.

Players will be guiding characters to explore environments and search for items, armed with a flashlight to illuminate that which is hidden in the darkness. Beware though – scary things like ghosts and traps can be hidden too!

Check out the gameplay trailer below;

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is set to release July 24th in Japan, with no news on a localization.

  • Darkologia

    Why no west release 🙁

  • Nazar

    They need to localize this. I mean the previous games were. So why not this too?