We get a better look at upcoming indie puzzle game Pavilion from Visiontrick Media, courtesy of an extended gameplay trailer posted on the PlayStation Blog.

Henrik Flink (Co-founder and Creative Director of Visiontrick Media) took to the PlayStation Blog to deliver an extended gameplay trailer in promotion of Pavilion on PlayStation 4. While the trailer isn’t specifically Vita, the final product in this case is likely to be so close in styling, gameplay and looks (relative to size) that it won’t matter.

Check it out;

Henrik also went on to explain more about the game on the PlayStation Blog – I’d usually sum it up, but this game and its explanation are pretty complex so it’s better to get it from the original text;


“Without going too deep spoiling specific puzzle features, we’ll try to shed some light on the overarching gameplay by presenting the three fundamental components that make up Pavilion’s puzzle design. These three things are woven together, and all three aspects need to be taken into account when solving puzzling situations.

  • The first of the three components is the main character seen running around in the world of Pavilion. His behaviors and personality need to be observed, understood and aided, for you both to traverse and progress in the game.
  • The second component is the environment. The layout of the surrounding world in which the main character is traveling will affect his traversal.
  • The third component is the interactive objects which can be manipulated and thus affect both the environment and, indirectly, the main character.

Apart from these three in-game components, there’s also an outside fourth component, the wielder of interactive objects that brings forth reactions from the character and changes in the environment.

These are the cornerstones of the gameplay, and depending on how things relate to each other, puzzling situations will emerge. Each individual puzzle aims to both give you new knowledge, a deepened understanding of the gameplay, as well as being a problem for you to wrap your head around. Once you realize the solution, execution will be direct and easy. We rather want to reward the player for understanding than punish her for not seeing the solution right away.

We’re also happy to see conversations about the fourth person term. As many have touched upon, the fourth person idiom partly relates to the indirect steering of the main character, much like in everyone’s favorite game Pac-Man 2, but with a totally different kind of logic. Though, the indirect steering is not solely the reason for us to use the term. Unfortunately we can’t go deeper into its meanings without spoiling certain parts of the experience that we’d rather have you experience while playing. Pavilion presents itself best when played, and we look forward to giving you a hands-on experience at game shows later this fall.”


So there you have it folks – information on gameplay and perspective, as well as an indication we’ll see it at game shows later this year.

Are you excited for this unique title? Let us know in the comments!

  • Darkologia

    Nice looking good

  • Lester Paredes

    Their presentation is fantastic. Here’s hoping they can match that high standard with the actual game portion of their game.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    So nice!