Last week we brought you news of new modes and of a new Oni you can expect to encounter in Toukiden Extreme. This week we have some screens to share with you that show these new features in the game.

We also have some images of new areas and Mitama for Tecmo Koei‘s monster hunting game which is set to release in Japan on August 28th.

In Urgent Duty’ mode the Oni that you will face will be a mystery until the fight begins. The battle may be a tough one but again, the rewards will be worth your troubles!

The other new mode that we detailed was Endless Subjugation Duty’ where you will take on Oni after Oni until you decide to end the mode. The more Oni that you take on, the greater the chance that you will receive rare materials and Mitama as your reward.

We also were told about new Oni Kazenui, a mythical two-tailed cat-monster (or Nekomata) that is cunning, agile and brutal! This week we have some screens of her and of her razor sharp claws!

If these screens weren’t enough for you, we also see some of the areas where you will do battle in Toukiden Extreme;

And finally we also see four of the new Mitama from Toukiden Extreme. First up we have Taira no Sadamori who is proud of his speedy style. Using this Mitama will see actions require less stamina to perform.


We also have Kusumoto Ine who is a healer – just like her real-life counterpart from Japanese history. As well as blessing the Mitama user with higher healing, Kusumoto Ine can also remove any negative status effects that your allies may have.


There is also Fujiwara no Teika who acts as a support-style Mitama, sharing the weapon meter with nearby allies, and Yaoya Oshichi who will give you more strenght as you break off parts or defeat Oni.

Have these screens built up your excitement for Toukiden Extreme? Be sure to keep your eyes on The Vita Lounge for all the news regarding this game building up to its release!

  • Lester Paredes

    Sometimes, I too have an urgent duty to preform and I must sit in the rest room until it is done…

    • nonscpo


    • Charlie Large

      Haha, that is one of the most important ‘Urgent Duties’. Do you keep the loot you receive afterwards?

      • Lester Paredes

        If it’s anything good, yes.

  • nonscpo

    Why the hell is there a giant cat/fox woman? Please TECMOKOEI keep the monster design consistent!

    • Lester Paredes

      Iagree. I think it’d be much more interesting if she were the same size as our noble Warriors. But I guess monsters have to be huge…