We get a look at Tecmo Koei’s newest addition to the Toukiden Extreme co-op arsenal; the Extreme Destroyer co-op attack.

The Extreme Destroyer is a stronger version of the Destroyer move that was in the original, and in order to do it, you need to first fill the blue co-op meter located on the left part of the screen. Once it’s full, you can select an attribute (such as power), then gather your allies together to channel energy into the character who will launch the attack – the more characters you have feeding the attacking player energy, the more parts you can destroy with it.

Check it out in the video below;

Toukiden Extreme will be released August 28th in Japan, with no word yet on localization.

  • Kunan Litol


    • nonscpo

      Everybody aboard the Hype Train…

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks absolutely sick. CURSES! Now I’ll have to buy this if it comes over to the west… *weeps for my wallet*