Midora, a top-down pixel-style RPG that is not too dissimilar to the Legend of Zelda, has had a Vita stretch goal set on Kickstarter by developer Epic Minds.

Although Epic Minds openly admit their love for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, they do put their own spin on the genre in Midora.


Playing as Snow, you will discover the ‘one thing’ that turns her into a heroine of destiny and will set out on quests that see you trek through 12 different dungeons in an open world. Playing as Snow you are able to control water, and you will soon learn to combine this ability with magic runes that will enable you to experiment and find new ways to defeat your enemies.

Hidden within the game’s many dungeons are other items that you can use to progress through the game. Such items include a boomerang-like Wind Fan and a Vine Whip – which can be used to help you traverse around levels. There are said to be over 200 different items available in Midora for you to use, some of which you will have to craft yourself and some of which can only be utilised at night. If you need to take a break from exploring dungeons, Midora has a variety of different mini-games such as fishing for you to while away the time.


Midora‘s required goal for funding is set at $60,000, with a PlayStation Vita and PS4 stretch goal set at $100,000. At the time of writing Midora is currently at $30,528 with 17 days to go.

Midora certainly does look nice and we here at The Vita Lounge will be keeping an eye on this Kickstarter game to see if it will reach its stretch goal. As always, as soon as we have more news, we will be sure to keep you posted!

For now though, here is a trailer for Midora;

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  • darkknezz

    I am watching this. If it nears the stretch goal I think I may fund this one.

  • nonscpo

    Never really into the Zelda games, so ill probably skip this game even when it gets released for vita. Still…I wish everyone who’s excited for this project the absolute best 🙂

  • Nazar

    That first screenshot reminds me a lot of Pokémon. The terrain itself looks like they ripped it off Pokémon.

    • Marcus Blackstock

      Looks even more like Zelda: Minish Cap.

      • Whilst the trailer clearly has roots sourced from Manish, I’m with Nazar – it’s immediately recognisable to anyone that’s played GBA generation Pokemon IMO.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope they get it for the sake of anyone looking forward to the game. I never really got into Zelda-like games, but it never stops me from trying! If it comes to vita, I’ll probably buy it.

  • Marcus Blackstock

    Minish Cap is my favourite Zelda and this looks like a complete rip-off of it. Totally down for this! lol

  • What a rip off. I’ll have some of this, assuming they don’t get a lawsuit of course.

  • Yuuki

    A Zelda like game why not. If secret of grindea would just come to vita

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Why when I searched for “Kickstarter” in this page, the game didn’t appear?, Too bad the game didn’t make it to the Vita.