We get some new details on upcoming CPU Idol title Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U, including information on the inclusion of the four goddesses and the costume break system.

Even though there has been much attention on the Gamindustri CPUs, especially Neptune, their sisters have not been forgotten as the four sisters of the Goddesses – the ones in Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram – have been confirmed to appear in Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U.

The game will also have a Costume Break system, which allows characters to become stronger as their clothes get worn off, as is demonstrated by Vert below;

Also, more is known about Dengekiko – a character based on the magazine of the same name. She works as a journalist who is honest and casual when she writes.

Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U is set to be released on August 28th in Japan, with no word yet about a release in the West.

  • Lester Paredes

    I expected nothing less from the developers of Senran Kagura… lol

  • nonscpo

    Forget Dengekiko im more interested in Famitsu-chan. At this point I feel weve read so much about her over the years that I cant wait to see her in action. Accoridng to her bio she does reviews 🙂

  • WhyWai

    i approve.