Crescent Moon Games added a stretch goal for PS Vita and PS4 platforms for their upcoming pixelated platformer The Deer God.

The Deer God is a pixelated 3D platformer with a beautiful world that challenges players’ perspective of religion. After a hunter is killed in a hunting accident, he is reincarnated as a deer himself. He has to battle and grow from a young fawn into a great buck, trying to survive and woo does. If you die, you are usually reincarnated as another deer, but if you have enough negative karma, you could be reincarnated as a plant or a rabbit.

Check out the Kickstarter trailer below;

If the funding reaches the stretch goal of $95,000 the Vita version will officially be coming, with July 23rd being the last day of the campaign. So far the campaign holders have only hit just shy of $8,500 of their $26,000 base goal – however there’s still 26 days to go.

The estimated release date is set to be in January 2015, we’ll be sure to keep you informed if/when they secure a Vita release

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, that certainly sounds interesting.

  • nonscpo

    No doubt about it Kickstater is the future!

  • Anthony Brinklow

    Starting over? Hmm

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Kickstarter is the future of gaming! making games for love and not money