Thanks to Gematsu we have gained a little insight into two new characters.

“The protagonist meets Agumon and Gabumon in the lowest levels of Cyberspace. Agumon is a little dinosaur-looking creature without an inch of fear in his body, whereas the semi-furred Gabumon is a cowardly and shy type. Together, they help cast away doubts as to the nature of Hackers and bear secrets deep within them that could prove pivotal to the protagonist’s greater fate.”

Gematsu also had some new details on various aspects from the game, including details on the female protagonist.

Digimon-Story-Cyber-Sleuth_2014_06-26-14_009Protagonist (Female)

The heroine, curious after hearing rumors of hackers in the streets. One day, she receives a Digimon capture device known as the “Digimon Capture” from someone she met in an online chat room, and travels to the lowest layer of cyberspace to gauge the rumor.

But because of a sudden malfunction in the system, part of her mental data is corrupted, resulting in her body becoming a half-digitized “Data Body.”

At the same time, data from cyberspace has begun materializing in the real world, and a strange phenomenon begins.

Nokia Shiramine

A young girl who establishes an emotional bond with the Digimon she meets. Her motto is “Be the change you want to be.” And while she might seem like she’s down, she’s generally quite positive. She puts on a tough front, but is actually easily scared. But even though she’s afraid of the ‘ghost boy’ rumored in cyberspace lately, her interest in Digimon brings her to its lowest layer.

Arata Sanada

A former big name hacker and a big brother among his peers. Like Nokia, Arata is a young man the protagonist meets during an online chat. He has a carefree behavior and often speaks in riddles. His big brother-ness comes from his looking after the younger protagonists. Though he was a big time hacker in the past, he doesn’t speak much about it.

Lowest Layer of Cyberspace

In the lowest layer of cyberspace, various data is discarded and gathered, like a cesspool of garbage. A mysterious person that the protagonist meets in an online chat asks to meet up with him/her. They find Nokia and Arata at the meeting place, too, but…

Digimon Capture

In Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, players can travel with a number of Digimon alongside them. You’ll be able to collect various Digimon and aim to become to strongest hacker.

As you explore dungeons, you’ll encounter other Digimon to battle, either wandering about on their own or controlled by enemy hackers.

When a battle starts, the Digimon Capture device automatically begins by scanning and collecting the data of the enemy Digimon. You can scan a lot of data from weak Digimon all at once, but stronger Digimon need to be scanned many times.

Once you’ve gathered 100 percent of a Digimon’s data, which you’ll accumulate each time you encounter the same Digimon, you can then convert the Digimon into an ally. Training your Digimon will digivolve them into stronger Digimon, such as Gabumon to Garurumon. A Digimon will digivolve based on its level and ability scores.”

The game is set for release in 2015 in Japan, but we are hoping that we will see a Western release.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds interesting. Hope these digital monsters champion their way West.

  • I love Digimon sooo much. I’ve never done it before, but I would consider importing this one…since it doesn’t look terribly complex.