We get our first look at Konami’s upcoming Nisekoi Wedding? game for Vita, and learn about the release window for the first trailer.

We caught the “announcement” of a Nisekoi game coming to Vita a few days ago, but now we’re back with a bit more detail – including the full name of the game; Nisekoi Wedding?

Konami’s upcoming title is a romance/adventure game where you can talk to the series’ anime heroines. The below screenshot shows character Chitoge Kiraski, while confirming Nisekoi Wedding? appears to have added standard visual novel event scenes in the mix as well.

Nisekoi Wedding

Those interested should keep an eye out for a trailer, which will be shown at the Jump Victory Carnival on either July 19th or 26th.

Nisekoi Wedding? is slated for release this Fall in Japan, with no word on localization – first print copies will have a reversible cover, with the flip-side set to be determined by fans.

  • nonscpo

    Seriously “Nisekoi Wedding?”, okay that does it I have to watch this anime or at the bare minimum add it to my to watch list.