Have you heard of The Banner Saga? It was released earlier this year on PC and Stoic Games are currently working on mobile versions of the title, but in an interview with Digital Spy they spoke of plans to bring the title to consoles, including the PS Vita.

John Watson from Stoic Games explained:
“The ideal would be to get some console ports out before the end of the year. Whether we can make that happen or not, I don’t know.

Some things are easier than others. I think the game would be great on Vita, but I think that would come after other consoles. It’s a path of least resistance thing; there’s three of us.

For Vita, I’d much rather see it on PlayStation 4 first, then work on the Vita. The Vita might need some changes to take advantage of the fact that it’s both control and touch at the same time.”

For those unfamiliar with the game, the official website has the following description:
“The Banner Saga is an epic role-playing game inspired by Viking legend. Hand-painted landscapes portray a world eerily suspended in perpetual twilight. Cities and towns begin to crumble into chaos. Heroes abandon their hearths and homes to traverse the snowy countryside, gaining allies along the way to help battle a strange, new threat.

Decisions have consequences; wise choices must be made when conversing with possible allies during intricately crafted dialogues. Turn-based strategy brings tactical challenge in hand-animated battle sequences. With visuals evocative of the golden age of animation, The Banner Saga brings skillfully crafted art, story and strategy to gamers waiting to re-experience classic adventures and tactics.”

Would you like to see this come to the Vita, and would you buy it?

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d buy it in a heartbeat. The game is amazing.

  • nonscpo

    Looks promising!

  • Joseph Sousa

    I’d buy it day one