Tecmo Koei has finally announced some details for the North American and European releases of Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate.

Released first in Japan on September 26th of last  year, Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate finally gets some release details for its Western PlayStation Vita debut.

Check out the list of key game features below;

  • One Warrior against a Thousand — Densely populated battlefields with up to 100 enemies on screen, each with progressive AI add to the exhilarating battle, amplified by new moves including Aerial Special attacks, Triple Rush (a system which allows the player the ability to switch between individual characters or unleash attacks as a party of 3) and True Musou Burst, the powerful finishing move executable by up to 6 characters.
  • New and Crossover characters — The legion of warriors is larger than ever with 145 playable characters including the introduction of Tamamo and Yinglong, just 2 of 9 that are new to the series, cameos include Xu Shu from the Dynasty Warriors franchise and Kasumi from Dead or Alive 5 with more to be announced including the Atelier and Samurai Warriors series.
  • Captivating Lands and Stages — Lands and battlefields are dramatically rendered drawing from the dark, sinister imagery in the Orochi series totaling 51 distinct stages with cross-over stages melding universes including Atelier, Dynasty Warriors, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Samurai Warriors, furthermore, Musou Battlefields allow for customization including character models and battle cries.
  • The mythology of the Orochi universe expands — A new main storyline brings the heroes together again after the death of the Demon Snake as they are called upon by a mysterious stone to return to the chaotic din of battle. Additionally, new side stories provide a multitude of new scenarios and uncover secrets, the story extends with the ability to battle from a different point of view or even “what if” hypothetical stages that exist in a parallel world.
  • Gameplay modes — Adding to both Online and Offline competition, new modes include Duel Mode, a fusion of team battles (up to 3 vs 3) and card battles, Craft Weapons function to alchemy even more powerful weapons, Officer Requesting and Summoning, Formation Skills and Dragon Portals that can be used to escape the battlefields, weaken enemies or recover party members Life Gauge.
  • Cross-Play and Cross Save functionality — Co-op, data sharing and saving, and save data is now possible between PS3 system, PS4 system and PS Vita system versions, including save data importing of the original Warriors Orochi 3 on PlayStation 3.

Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate is set to launch in North America as a digital-only title September 2nd for $39.99. It’ll be hitting Europe a few days later on September 5th, though specific pricing and availability details are unclear at this time.

Pre-orders will include a Halloween costume set for Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors, Misunari Ishida from Samurai Warriors, and Kaguya. These are retailer exclusive in both North America and Europe, available at Gamestop and GAME respectively. Pre-orders at Amazon and Best Buy in North America, or Centresoft in Europe will include Toukiden costumes for Kaguya, Nuwa, and Taigong Wang.

Keep an eye on TVL for all your future Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate Vita updates!

  • “Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate is set to launch in North America as a digital-only title September 2nd for $39.99.”

    Oh baby.

  • Devin Hudson

    Do the pre-order bonuses still apply to the Vita version since it’s digital-only? I know GameStop and Amazon sell codes for digital games sometimes, but I don’t know if they do pre-orders for them (so far both sites only have listings for the physical versions on PS4/XB1).

  • Ermac

    good game

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds all sorts of awesome.