Be careful what you take in this new Telltale title, as your loot choices will change the outcome of the game.

Telltale Games’ Senior Director of Marketing, Richard Iggo explains;

“Loot, this is Borderlands right! So loot has to be an enormous part of the game, and it absolutely is. And it’s part of our choice system, so when and what and how you choose to loot things will also have a chance to affect the game as well.”

Sounds pretty unique, depending on how they actually implement it; simple choices wouldn’t really be a deviation from Telltale’s current gameplay method.

We also got some news from Richard regarding the game’s connections to other Borderlands titles;

“Well obviously there are story connections… Our game takes place after Borderlands 2. We will have links into the Pre-Sequel, although a rule of the Borderlands universe is there’s no time travel, so that’s not the sort of thing we’re talking about, but there will be links, and there certainly will be loot links between the games, and that’s something that we’ll be releasing more information out about soon.”

Tales from the Borderlands is due out sometime this year, keep an eye on TVL for any updates as they become available.

  • nonscpo

    After Borderlands 2, I thought the game was suppose to be between one and two. Oh well as long as the game is good and runs smoothly, thats really all one can ask for.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope they tell a good story.