According to this week’s Famitsu, Bakumatsu Rock is coming to PlayStation Vita as Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul.

The enhanced edition of the Marvelous Inc (formerly Marvelous AQL) rhythm/adventure game is coming to Vita, bringing along new features such as additional enemy Perry Junior and an upgraded system designed to “enliven the game’s Voice Arte battles”.

Buyers of first-print copies of the game will also get the drama CD Bakumatsu Rock Zekkyou! Nekkyou! Senkyo Battle. A limited edition Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul “Ultra Soul Box” version is set to include the original video animation Steam Mystery! Hot Springs Mystery Case!!, with first-print copies including a priority application for a ticket to the Bakumatsu live event “Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Ecstasy Live.”

Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul will launch September 25th in Japan, with no word on localization.

  • nonscpo

    Great to see more rythm games!

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds cool.