Following last week’s launch of One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Bandai Namco have told us that the title will be getting some free DLC with the “Red Stands Alone” quest available from the PlayStation store.

Our press release says:
Engage in combat once again against Red! Players will face some of the most familiar and toughest enemies in a completely new setup with a higher difficulty threshold!

We haven’t got our hands on the game yet but after having the game described to me as a cross between Animal Crossing and a fighter it’s something I will probably give a look to and hopefully bring you a review very soon. Have you picked it up yet? What do you think about the free DLC?

  • Literally counting down the hours until the US release. This is going to be one of the best Vita games released this year. Watch.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ve seen videos of the game on YouTube. Aside from some framerate issues, the game looks fun and combat, while simplistic looking, seems fun. An incredible feat, because I’ve never had any interest in One Piece before.

    • I don’t care for one piece either. I’m hoping it’ll provide a few details like the naruto games did. I really enjoyed that aspect of those games.

      • Lester Paredes

        Sadly, I hear that characters aren’t introduced in a way that will explain their motivation to newcomers. Oh well. There’s always online wiki’s and the Manga/Anime!

    • Thulsa

      Because of this game I’ve currently started watching all of One Piece, all 650+ of them!! It’s f’in awesome buy the way and I REALLY recommend it, just don’t watch the dubbed version as it sucks as per usual.