It’s refreshing to see developers continue to support their games long after they have shipped, and as such the next time you boot up Killzone Mercenary on your Vita you should be prompted to pick up the latest patch, 1.10.

Matt from Guerrilla Cambridge took to the Killzone Forum to explain that a few improvements and tweaks have been made to the spawn system’s selection criteria and they hope that this will improve the team experience. He also asks that if you have any feedback on and issues, please forward them to Guerrilla as they will continue to review spawn quality.

In addition to a few reported stability fixes, they have also changed some of the names in Botzone as they said following the recent competition. Let us know if you see your name in there!

Matt also says that they are still working on a fix for another issue.
The major outstanding issue that we’re still pursuing are the reported grey screen spawn locks that some of you have seen. If you are still experiencing these, we’d be interested in details of the session times, together with who was in the round with you at the time. Video footage of the session would also be invaluable, from those able to capture it.

Have you encountered this glitch? Can you help out with a few details?

  • nonscpo

    Haven’t come across the glitch, but then again I haven’t played the game in a hot minute. I’ll have to make some time soon to see if I notice any difference in the game.

  • Lester Paredes

    Never crossed this glitch myself, but this continued support deserves some serious praise!