Launched in Japan last year as Criminal Girls: Invitation, NIS America has announced that it is bringing newly titled Criminal Girls: Invite Only to Europe and North America in Spring 2015.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only is an updated version of the Japanese-exclusive PSP game Criminal Girls. Criminal Girls: Invite Only will feature a host of new content and will see you lead a gang of females on a quest to cleanse themselves of their sins through the depths of Hell itself  in the aim to be reborn on Earth. During the journey you uncover the girls’ deepest secrets, wrestle with their conflicting battle plans and motivate them with some ‘one-on-one’ time.

On the way, players will wrestle with the girls’ conflicting battle plans, keep them motivated through ‘one-on-one time,’ and uncover their deepest of secrets.

NIS America has also said that in order to bring Criminal Girls: Invite Only to as many fans as possible, in both North America and Europe, certain aspects of the game had to be edited.

The Vita Lounge will keep you posted as more details emerge for Criminal Girls: Invite Only. For now though, why not check out the trailer for the game below;

  • Nazar

    Meanwhile Sony can’t get their shit straight with Freedom Wars. I got more faith in NIS than in Sony. In fact, I never had any faith in SCEE to begin with lol.

  • Lester Paredes

    Edited, huh? Never mind. I’ve been slightly interested in this game since I heard about its PSP incarnation, but censorship always pisses me off. Anyone remember Breath of Fire 4, and how they censored a decapitation scene? A pointless cut that would have made the villain much more terrifying if they included it.

  • nonscpo

    What is the point of bringing a censored port of a risque game? It’s times like this that I point out how stupid it is for console manufacturers to ban MA 18, CERO D, PEGI 18, AO rated games. If your not going to bring the game in its original form then don’t even bother bringing it over here. You either believe in your product or you don’t.

    P.S. I actually never had an interest in this game, and this anouncement hasn’t changed my opinion or given me a reason to look at it.