The support for Soul Sacrifice Delta continues and the PlayStation Blog has announced the latest content.
“It’s become a bit of a tradition that love stories in the Soul Sacrifice canon shouldn’t have a happy ending. Well, Gigas’ is no exception, I’m afraid. “Recipe for disaster” would be a more accurate summary of the situation: take a lost soul, mix in a generous amount of desperation, sprinkle a glimmer of hope, and blend the lot with crushing disappointment. Let it simmer for long enough and the Sacred Chalice will do the rest!

We’ve incorporated three quests in the Additional Pacts VIII for you to break the ice (and each other’s bones).”

The DLC also has new costumes available, with the “Healer” and the “Beast” outfits available.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, I guess I’ve got to go download something today.

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