We’ve already brought you details of some of the new additions Toukiden Extreme has to offer over the last couple of weeks and this week we have details of a new Mitama system that features in the game courtesy of this week’s Famitsu.

For the uninitiated, Mitama is a set of skills that features various prominent figures and deities from Ancient Japanese history leading up to the Bakumatsu era. These Mitama come in many types and match the different play styles in the game.


In Toukiden your Mitama could only use the skills that were pre-assigned to them. Toukiden Extreme will now allow for you to change your Mitama’s skills as you see fit, allowing for you to mix and match different skills with your numerous Mitama’s varied abilities.

This will allow for you to customise your Mitama to suit your playstyle. Whereas before you may have used a Mitama that had the right abilities but not the skills you wanted, in Toukiden Extreme you now have the option to alter that.

Due to release in Japan on August 28th, keep your eyes on TVL for all the Toukiden Extreme news as it happens!

  • Lester Paredes

    Yay! It’s time to pick depending solely on how they look!

  • nonscpo

    Is it just me or were to many mitamas to pick from already. I’m glad there at least heading in the right direction by focusing on custimazation.