The official website for Danganronpa: Another Episode has now been launched by Spike Chunsoft, giving us new information on the story and characters we can expect when the game launches later this year on PlayStation Vita.

Please beware that the following will contain spoilers for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc!

The website sets the scene for the game, giving us details on some new features, the location, the protagonists and antagonists. Have a read below to find out what’s in store!

Setting the Scene;

Set in the aftermath of the goings-on at Hope’s Peak Academy, Danganronpa: Another Despair will feature two protagonists. Toko Fukawa joins forces with Komaru Naegi to fight against despair in Towa City. Toko can change places with her alter-ego Genocide Jill, while Komaru has a Hacking Megaphone Gun at her disposal which was given to her by someone who has not yet been revealed.

Komaru’s special weapon, the Hacking Megaphone Gun, can shoot eight different types of Truth Bullet words, such as ‘dance’, ‘destroy’, and ‘move’. When the bullet hits it’s target, be it an object on the map or a Monokuma enemy, the target will react in different ways depending on the word used. The gun will also be used to advance forward through the game by hitting objects and to help you to solve riddles.

Danganropa: Another Episode takes place in Towa City. Built on a floating landfill above the ocean, the state-of-the-art city is run by the Towa Group – a well-known IT company. The Towa Group, whose HQ is in the city, are becoming increasingly concerned by the amount of pollution that has ensconced the world since ‘The Greatest Despair in Human History’, so they contribute to a worldwide reconstruction bid by making items such as air purification systems to remove the toxic gases.

All of a sudden a vast army of Monakumas (black and white robots that look like bears), in an array of shapes and sizes, start appearing in Towa City and go after the adults that reside there. If that wasn’t enough, a group of children wearing Monokuma heads and calling themselves the Monokuma Kids are roaming the streets with the aim to bring despair to any adult that crosses their path.



Another Episode stars Komaru Naegi, who’s the sort of ordinary girl you can see countless numbers of in day-to-day life. Still separated from her family a year and a half after “The Greatest Despair in Human History,” she’s forced to live a life of confinement. Having already given up hope and accepted her circumstances, Komaru finds herself facing yet more despair on top of what she already faces. Indeed, when her confinement finally does manage to come to an end, it’s not by any hero or savior, but rather… Monokuma himself. Successfully able to escape the evil robot bear, Komaru makes it back to the outside world, only to be shocked at what she sees, greeted by the sight of children hunting down adults in this so-called “World of Despair.” Her only two hopes for staying alive lie in a Hacking Megaphone Gun handed to her from a certain someone, as well as Toko Fukawa, who she just so happens to meet by chance.


  • Komaru Naegi – The main character of this work and the sister of Danganronpa hero Makoto Naegi, she is an ordinary girl without a special talent. She becomes separated from her family in the wake of “The Greatest Despair in Human History,” confined to an apartment in Towa City. Although frightened and confused, she reaches out to Toko in an effort to try and escape from the city, working towards her goal little by little.
  • Toko Fukawa – Returning from the original Danganronpa as another major character in the game, Toko is a student of Hope’s Peak Academy and known as the “Ultimate Writing Prodigy.” She ends up helping out Komaru for her own reasons. When she sneezes, her personality changes to that of another person—Genocide Jill.
  • Genocide Jill – The other personality of Toko Fukawa, she was a serial killer who solely targeted handsome men. In this game, she is equipped with a stun gun, enabling players to change between her and Toko at will for a limited amount of time. She can also break through crowds of enemies around her using powerful scissor-based attackes. She has an eccentric personality and is constantly hyperactive.


The Warriors of Hope;

The Warriors of Hope are a group of five kids who are all former classmates from Hope’s Peak Academy Affiliated Elementary School. Ascribing the name to themselves, they refer to adults as “demons” and work to make a paradise that can be enjoyed only by kids by controlling the Monokumas and using them to viciously kill the adults. With not an ounce of guilt to speak of for their crimes, they seem to be fully enjoying themselves.

  • Jataro Kemuri (voiced by Sumire Uesaka)- The monk of the Warriors of Hope. Highly proficient and able to work well in most any medium when it comes to art, in elementary school, he was known as the “Ultimate Arts and Crafts Class Student.” An outstanding example of a pariah, his outlook is so alien that he only feels comfortable and in his element when he knows other people are actively detesting him.
  • Masaru Daimon (voiced by Megumi Han)- The hero and leader of the Warriors of Hope. He was called the “Ultimate Gym Class Student” at the Hope’s Peak Academy Affiliated Elementary School. Good at any exercise, he can’t help but stand out as a kid with a colorful and mischievous personality.
  • Monaka (voiced by Aya Hirano)- The mage of the Warriors of Hope. In grade school, she was known as the “Ultimate Homeroom Class Student.” A real socialite who enjoys exchange opinions with other people during homeroom, she’s always smiling and knows how to brighten up the mood, but is confined to a wheelchair because of her bad legs.
  • Nagisa Shingetsu (voiced by Mariya Ise)- The sage and assistant leader of the Warriors of Hope. He is more serious than the other members of the group, and his speech and conduct is much more adult-like. Believed by everyone to grow up to become an elite member of society, his title is the “Ultimate Social Studies Class Student.”
  • Kotoko Utsugi (voiced by Kazusa Aranami)- The warrior of the Warriors of Hope. A former child acting prodigy who grew up being spoiled, she was known as the “Ultimate Theater Class Student” in grade school. Her favorite things are anything cute, as well as peeled Japanese chestnuts.

Taking place between the events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa: Another Episode is due to release in Japan on September 25th with no details yet of a Western release.

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  • Lester Paredes

    I imagine that this will come out in the West, also. Especially if Danganronpa 2 does well.

  • El Casual

    I dont get it, this is Daganronpa 3??.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      No. Danganronpa 3 is a separate entity, this is Danganronpa 1.5 – haha

  • nonscpo

    when it comes to Another Episode, I have no complaints over the 2D animation, however sometimes the 3D portions look okay and other times it could look better. Looking forward to beating the first game 🙂