The first TV spot for Bandai Namco Games‘ upcoming title The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order has been released.

In the trailer for the game, developed by Witchcraft, we see Miyuki and Tatsuya in action, as well as glimpse of Erika’s Track Suit, which you will receive if you purchase the Limited Edition as detailed by Kyle here.

The game is set to release in Japan on October 30th, with no news yet on a Western release.

As soon as we hear more regarding The Irregular at Magic High School: Out of Order we will be sure to let you know. For now though, here is that trailer;

  • So excited for this game, especially since it’s published by Namco Bandai. They’ve been bringing a ton of their games to the west.

    • nonscpo

      Agreed hopefully theyll give it a physical release, even if its a limited one. Still slightly anoyed that SAO didnt get a limited physical release.

  • nonscpo

    Sadly I haven’t continued the show since stopping at episode 6. So busy with school, work, and life. What episode are they up to 14? Have they anounced if this will be a 24 or 26 episode run?

    • 18 total episodes have been announced. Last episode aired was episode 14 – “Nine Schools Competition Part VII”.

      • nonscpo

        18 seems like a really odd number of episodes for an anime.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          It’s 26 episodes according to MAL (which has never steered me wrong).

          • Good ‘ol my anime list. You’re right, it’s 26 episodes. They initially announced the show would stop airing by August 2nd. By not realizing that they pushed the original episode back, I came to the conclusion that there would only be 18 episodes. My mistake!